How press releases can maximize the impact of your research

Getting your article covered in the media can help your research make a bigger impact in academic circles, society, and government. The below infographic shows the impact after a press campaign was put together for a single article, leading to over 100 news features and more than 10,000 downloads.

The Taylor & Francis Journals Press and Media Relations team develops press campaigns alongside authors and journal editors, to send out to international mainstream and specialist journalists. But what makes newsworthy research?

Here are our top criteria to help decide if your article could be suitable for a press campaign:

  • A major breakthrough in the field
  • Impact on society
  • Recommendation for change
  • Timely or topical
  • Human interest

Get some inspiration from some real world examples of these criteria in action.

If you think your accepted article would be suitable for a press campaign, you can highlight it using our Press Nomination Form. The best time to do this is after your article has been through peer review, before it publishes online.

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