open access

Article publishing charge discounts and waivers

Taylor & Francis is committed to bringing research by scholars in emerging nations to the attention of the global academic community. We also want to make the option to publish open access available to as many researchers as possible. To help achieve this we offer waivers and discounts on the Article Publishing Charges (APCs) normally… Read more »

Open access publishing for researchers at Max Planck Institutes

An agreement between the Max Planck Digital Library and Taylor & Francis Group means that researchers based in Max Planck institutes can publish open access in 2,390 journals at no cost to themselves. Under the centrally funded scheme all corresponding authors based at a Max Planck Institute are eligible to have their manuscript published gold OA… Read more »

Open access publishing for researchers in the Netherlands

An agreement between Taylor & Francis and the VSNU (an association of 14 Dutch research organizations) means that researchers in the Netherlands can publish their articles gold open access at no cost to themselves. Once published, these articles will be available for anyone to read, anywhere. Articles with corresponding authors based at a Dutch university… Read more »

Making papers accessible to a general audience

In January 2017, we revealed the top 10 most popular Open Access (OA) articles published in 2016 across our Open and Open Select journals. Open Access research can be read by anyone, anywhere, immediately on publication. This allows articles published OA to work up quite a storm (like the above-mentioned articles did last year – being shared via social media, blogged about, and picked… Read more »

Open access agreements: are you eligible for OA publishing support?

We’re partnering with institutions and funders around the world to help researchers publish gold open access in their chosen journals. These agreements can mean that individual authors benefit from much reduced article publishing charges (APCs) or that they are able to publish open access at no cost to themselves. Find out below if you’re eligible… Read more »