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Measuring impact with article metrics

Researchers, funders, and institutions are increasingly interested in the impact of their work. Article-level metrics help authors to assess this by enabling you to gain a better understanding of the reach of your published research and the attention it is receiving. On Taylor & Francis Online, authors can see their article’s number of downloads, citations (on…

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Research metrics: get your guide

What’s a journal Impact Factor? How’s a researcher’s h-index calculated? What metrics will help identify the right journal for me to publish in? These are just some of the regular questions we get asked about research metrics by researchers from across the world. So, from the Impact Factor to an Altmetric Attention Score, Eigenfactor to…

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Understanding journal metrics: the Impact Factor

You can use metrics to help when you are choosing a journal to submit your work to. For a long time, citation metrics such as the Impact Factor were the standard (and only) tool available to evaluate journals and articles systematically. What is a Journal Impact Factor? An Impact Factor is one measure of the citations…

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How to choose a journal

Choosing a journal for your research can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. By asking some simple questions you can quickly narrow your focus. Make sure that the top reason editors give for rejecting articles – that authors have submitted to the wrong journal – doesn’t apply to you. “Be … tactical in…

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Publishing open access with Open Select

At Taylor & Francis we champion choice for researchers and offer a range of options for publishing open access (OA). Alongside our fully open access journals, you can also choose to make your research available OA through Open Select (often referred to as “hybrid open access”). Open Select allows you to publish your article OA…

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Open access journals and Impact Factors

Open access – the different types and trends, is one of the most widely discussed topics in scholarly publishing today. It’s also one of the most misunderstood, surrounded by a host of questions and myths. Publishing open access can have many benefits, including enabling your valuable research to reach a wider audience and have greater…

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Are open access journals good quality?

Open access – the different types and trends, is one of the most widely discussed topics in scholarly publishing today. It’s also one of the most misunderstood, surrounded by a host of questions and myths. Publishing open access can have many benefits, including enabling your valuable research to reach a wider audience and have greater impact. In this blog series we provide straightforward answers to help you get to grips with open access…

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Researcher survey 2019

This new Taylor & Francis survey asked researchers around the globe for their opinions on a range of important scholarly communication issues, including: Publishing habits: which publishing options researchers are currently choosing, including their use of green and gold open access, and how they decide which journals to submit to. Licenses: researchers’ preferences for sharing…

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Authored works

Authored Works is our dedicated center for all authors who have published in a Taylor & Francis journal. Once you have published with us, Authored Works is where you can: Download the PDF or view the HTML of your article whenever you want. See the latest download figures, to see how many people are reading your work.…

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Sharing your work

If you are publishing in a Taylor & Francis or Routledge journal, there are many ways you can share different versions of your article with colleagues and peers. Sharing your work: how to do it. Download the infographic. Read on to find out more about how you can share your article.…

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