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Our new approach to Open Select article publishing charges

2021 APC changes for Taylor & Francis hybrid journals

When your article is accepted by a Taylor & Francis or Routledge Open Select (hybrid) journal, you and your institution and funder will be given the choice to publish it open access (OA). Open access articles are free for anyone to read and reuse, giving a boost to the reach and impact of your research. Making the final version of your article open access (sometimes called gold OA) usually requires the payment of an article publishing charge (APC). Read our quick guide to open access publishing definitions for more information.

From January 2021 our approach to setting APCs for Open Select journals is changing. Until now we’ve had the same standard rate for most of these titles, regardless of their field or the open access funding available to their authors. However, with more researchers choosing to publish OA in these journals, we’re introducing a range of different prices. Each journal has now been assigned an APC that recognizes its unique circumstances. This is the approach we already have for our fully Open journals and is very common across open access publishers.

We’ve been very careful to ensure that this is a balanced change, with more journals decreasing in price than increasing. This also means that the average APC across our portfolio of journals remains at the same level as before.

The result of this changed approach is greater choice for researchers. Around 400 journals have a lower APC than last year, which should enable more authors to choose open.

This change also allows us and our society partners to set an APC which is right for each journal, ensuring it remains a sustainable publishing venue for the academic community it serves.


When are Open Select APCs changing?

The new rates will apply to articles accepted for publication from January 13, 2021.

How can I find the APC for the journal I’m planning to submit to?

Updated APCs for every Taylor & Francis and Routledge journal are available from the open access cost finder. This also includes details about the Creative Commons license options and repository embargo periods for each title.

How is the APC rate set for each journal?

The Taylor & Francis position on open access pricing sets out our approach to OA charges. The allocation of each APC follows a careful review, considering factors such as the rates charged by comparable journals, available funding in the field, and the journal’s costs. This is also monitored regularly, to ensure every journal continues to be a competitive option for researchers who want to publish their research open access.

What funding is available to support open access publishing?

Please see our guide to open access funding for some of the options available to help you publish your research OA. This includes our growing number of open access agreements with institutions and funders around the world, which are supporting many more researchers to choose open.

Is there an option if I don’t have funding to make my research open access?

If your article is published in an Open Select journal, you can share an earlier version of your article without needing to pay an APC. After an embargo period has finished, deposit the accepted manuscript version of your article in an institutional or subject repository.