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Navigating your success with Facebook

Download the latest guide in the Author Directions series

Our colleagues in the Taylor & Francis Books team have put together a useful series of guides, Author Directions, which helps new and aspiring authors to navigate the publishing process.

Although principally written with book authors in mind, much of the advice will be helpful for any researcher who wants to maximize the impact opportunities for their work. That is certainly true of the latest guide:

Navigating your success with Facebook

Cover of Navigating your success with FacebookAdvice on using Facebook to promote you and your book

Using social media is a great way to promote both you and your research, giving you the opportunity to share and discuss your thoughts and ideas on a more personal level with people who are interested in you and the work you do. This guide will explain what content to post, how to get the most out of Facebook, and some of its key features to help with self-promotion.

Download a free copy of ‘Navigating your success with Facebook’.

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