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South Asian Review

This special issue aims to theorize the increasingly expanding oeuvre of Northeast Indian Anglophone Literature (NIAL).

South Asian Review

We invite interdisciplinary, scholarly articles that address multiple subjectivities and political, cultural, and socioeconomic life in Kashmir.

Women’s Writing

This special issue sheds light on the current Covid-19 pandemic, considering the ways in which women have written about illness […]

Bront Studies

As we negotiate sickness, infection, contagion, and isolation in response to Covid-19, we invite you to reappraise these themes in […]

Life Writing

This special issue explores the as yet rarely addressed humorous dimension of autofictional writing, including the aesthetic, narrative and social […]

Women’s Writing

This issue examines textual misogyny in the early modern period, i.e. androcentric discourses not openly hostile to women which perpetuate […]