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Regional Studies

The ambition of this Special Issue is to provide insight into the technology-enabled approach to RIS3 development that the European […]

Architecture and Culture

This issue of Architecture and Culture invites submissions that directly address the realities of Higher Education and neoliberalism worldwide, whether […]

Biophilic Cities

In the face of increasing urbanization and demographic change, what is the potential value of nature-based solutions in helping us […]

Housing and Society

This special issue of Housing and Society will highlight the effects of disaster on housing and communities, addressing the multitude […]

Housing and Society

Diverse and critical perspectives on concepts related to housing and social justice from disciplines such as economics, family studies, geography, […]

Cities & Health

Although noise pollution is the second most common environmental stressor (after air pollution) that affects our health, well-being, and quality […]

Transport Reviews

Despite the importance of walking for mobility, health and greener cities, certain types of walking trips have decreased over the […]