Expert Collection

Meeting Report

Aim: Meeting Reports aim to summarize the most important research presented at a recent conference in the subject area of the journal. Scope: It is not usually feasible to attempt comprehensive coverage of the conference, as presentations are frequently too numerous for each to be done justice. The author should focus on those presentations that… Read more »

Key Paper Evaluation: Expert Review

Scope: Key Paper Evaluations review significant, recently published original research articles carefully selected and assessed by specialists in the field (not a paper from the author’s own group). The original research detailed in the chosen paper is discussed with the aim of keeping readers informed of the most promising discoveries/breakthroughs relevant to the subject of… Read more »

Clinical Trial Report

Word limit: The word limit for Clinical Trial Reports is 3,000-7,000 words (not including tables, figures and references). Aim: The aim of a Clinical Trial Report is to provide a concise review of the rationale, design and results of a specific clinical trial (or clinical trial program). Authors are encouraged to provide a critical appraisal… Read more »

Drug Profile

Scope: Expert Review articles have been engineered specifically for the online environment. The structure is designed to draw the time-constrained reader directly to the information they require. Four features in particular contribute to the unique value of Expert Review articles: Expert commentary Five-year view Key issues Information resources Aim: The aim of a Drug Profile… Read more »

Special Report

Scope: Special Reports are short review-style articles that summarize a particular niche area, be it a specific technique or therapeutic method. Word limit: The word limit for Special Reports is 1,500-3,000 words (not including figures, tables or references). Every article must contain: Title: All article types should have a concise, informative title that contains no… Read more »

Perspective: Expert Review

Scope: Perspectives have the same basic structure and length as review articles, however they should be more speculative and very forward looking, even visionary. They offer the author the opportunity to present criticism or address controversy. Authors of perspectives are encouraged to be highly opinionated. The intention is very much that these articles should represent… Read more »