Expert Collection

Drug Safety Evaluation

Scope: Drug Safety Evaluations focus on providing an independent perspective on the safety of a specific drug. The purpose of the Drug Safety Evaluation is to promote best practice in use of the drug and should therefore be limited to approved indications and avoid off-label discussion. Word limit: The word limit for Drug Safety Evaluations… Read more »

Editorial: Expert Opinion

Scope: Editorials are short articles on issues of topical importance. We encourage our editorial writers to express their opinions, giving the author the opportunity to present criticism or address controversy. The intention is very much that the article should offer a personal perspective on a topic of recent interest. The author should discuss the various… Read more »

Drug Evaluation

Scope: Drug Evaluations will present an evaluated overview of the clinical experience with the orphan designated compound. Although discussion should encompass basic pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, the primary focus of the review should be the clinical efficacy of the compound. For launched compounds the information should be limited to approved indications and avoid off-label discussion. Audience:… Read more »

Review Article: Expert Opinion

Word limit: The word limit for Review Articles is 4,000-6,000 words (not including figures, tables or references). Every article must contain: Title: All article types should have a concise, informative title that contains no brand names. Authors’ names and affiliation: Including address, academic qualifications and job titles of all authors, as well as telephone number… Read more »