Winner’s story: Mathew Manwaring

The Ohio State University’s summer acarology course, which is internationally regarded as the premier acarology course, is a tremendous boon to my capability to perform this research… As a result of funding provided by Taylor & Francis Group, The International Journal of Acarology has awarded Mathew Manwaring an IJA Fellowship worth $900. Mathew is a PhD student at University of… Read more »

Winner’s story: Professor Hideo Hosono

Materials design utilizing artificial intelligence would be very important for the near future. How to realize novel and/or high performance using abundant elements is a grand challenge for materials scientists to sustain society… My research focus is to explore novel electro-active functionality using abundant elements. Concretely, my major concerns are placed on oxide semiconductors, iron-based superconductors… Read more »

Winner’s story: Dr Syeda Shahida Batool and Dr Richard de Visser

These results of the survey analysis and the qualitative interview data indicate that the most effective way to address the psychological impact of infertility is to take a psychosocial approach that is sensitive to cultural differences… The paper presents the results of a study designed to identify psychosocial variables related to physical health and psychological… Read more »

Winner’s story: Donald G. Stein

“I was stunned and deeply honored by this recognition. More importantly, I take the award to indicate that the ideas in “Embracing failure” are being taken very seriously by others…” Translational traumatic brain injury (TBI) research is in crisis. Despite 40 years of clinical trials and many dozens of drugs tested, all trials seeking a… Read more »

Winner’s story: Prayga Chalise, David Ouvrard and Diana Percy

This article is the result of a unique combination of efforts between two researchers from the Natural History Museum in London and one very motivated scientific collaborator… We are delighted and proud to win this Outstanding Paper prize from Systematics and Biodiversity for our paper analyzing global patterns of plant-insect associations. This article is the… Read more »