Writing your paper

Taylor & Francis quick layout guide

Please follow any specific Instructions for Authors provided by the Editor of the journal, which are available on the journal pages at www.tandfonline.com. Please also see our guidance on putting your article together, defining authorship and anonymizing your article for peer review. We recommend that you use our templates to prepare your article, but if… Read more »

What is a conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest can occur when you (or your employer or sponsor) have a financial, commercial, legal, or professional relationship with other organizations that could influence your research.

Patient consent

All authors are required to follow the ICMJE requirements on privacy and informed consent from patients and study participants. Please confirm that any patient, service user, or participant (or that person’s parent or legal guardian) in any research, experiment, or clinical trial described in your paper has given written consent to the inclusion of material… Read more »