How mentoring can improve PhD students research proposals

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How mentoring can improve PhD students research proposals

Introducing the EAA PhD Mentoring Initiative

The European Accounting Association (EAA) has made supporting early career scholars a key priority for the organization. Building on the comprehensive set of resources in their Accounting Research Centre, the EAA has launched a new PhD Mentoring Initiative (PMI).

The aim of this program is to help European PhD students refine their research proposals and enhance the overall quality of their work by accessing timely advice and feedback from some of Europe’s top accounting researchers.

Many PhD students have limited opportunities to expose their plans and ideas to experienced researchers at an early stage of the research design process. The PMI seeks to address this problem by providing a virtual means of accessing external, independent help and support from experts in the field.

How can mentoring help?

Receiving expert feedback and guidance at the initial research proposal stage can have a dramatic positive impact on the quality of your final PhD submission. In particular, timely feedback can help you to:

  • sharpen the incremental contribution of your work,
  • identify potential weaknesses in your theoretical framework.
  • refine your hypotheses and point you in the direction of supplementary predictions,
  • pinpoint potential problems with your research design and offer solutions,
  • draw your attention to innovative methodologies and datasets.

How to get involved

Read the full instructions for authors on the Accounting Research Centre and then submit your research proposal via the specially designed submission system where the editors will select an expert reviewer to provide constructive feedback on your work. You and your supervisors are then free to use the comments and suggestions provided in the report as you think appropriate.


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