Excellence in peer review: how to be an effective peer reviewer

What to expect at the event

Whether an article can be accepted or not depends on the opinions of the reviewers. However, even experienced reviewers may not always be clear on what to focus on during the peer review process. So, we hope that you can participate in this training, regardless of whether you are the author or the reviewer.

Here, we have summarized the opinions of various experts to help you sort out various aspects that need to be understood during the peer review process. Including:

  • An overview of the different types of peer review

  • The responsibilities of a peer reviewer

  • What are the reviewers focusing on in peer review

  • Ethical concerns in peer review

We offer certificates to participants who complete the workshop.

If you would like the opportunity to gain further experience as a reviewer and establish closer connections with journals, after attending this workshop, you can become a member of the Taylor & Francis Talent Pool.

About the speakers

Sonali Singh is a Desk Assessment Lead and is responsible for handling desk assessment checks for Taylor and Francis journals and managing team performance and workflow. She is a post-graduate in microbiology and has worked previously as a Research Fellow at Regional Centre for Biotechnology.

Sandhya Gopi pursued B.Sc. Botany Honors from University of Delhi and received her masters in M.Sc. Microbiology from Central University of Rajasthan. She has recently completed 3 years with Taylor and Francis. Before working as a Team Lead-Content Review, she was working as Reviewer Selection Editor as a part of Global Peer Review Team of Taylor and Francis. 

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9:30 BST | 14:00 IST




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The speakers

Sonali Singh

Desk Assessment Lead, Taylor & Francis

Sandhya Gopi

Team Lead – Content Review, Taylor & Francis

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