Get published with “calls for papers”

Most journals will regularly call for papers. These can be on a particular theme or topic, or a general call for submissions.

How to keep up with these

You can check if the journal you’re interested in has a call for papers by checking the ‘journal news’ section, or by signing up for regular updates in your subject area. You can then decide if the journal is for you, or adapt your article to fit the journal’s current focus.

Deadlines are ongoing unless otherwise stated.

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New journals


Area and devArea and Development Policy

Submit your articles to our brand new Area Development and Policy journal. New to the Regional Studies Association Journals, this journal concentrates on issues relating to Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, and aims to publish research emerging from these countries, as well as from the developed world. Explore the full call for papers.


rafaArgumentation and Advocacy

New to Routledge in 2017, Argumentation and Advocacy is an official publication of the American Forensic Association. The journal aims to promote scholarship in the field by publishing the best argumentation and advocacy research. Find out how to submit to the journal here.



TFSRForensic Sciences Research

Do you have a manuscript on forensic sciences that you want to publish? Forensic Sciences Research is now accepting submissions on a wide range of subjects and disciplines related to the field. Find out how you can submit your paper.



RGSH_185_262Global Security: Health, Science and Policy

Global Security: Health, Science and Policy is a new open access journal that covers a wide range of topics related to transnational threats to humankind, with an emphasis on public health repercussions. They are calling for papers and have no article publishing charge for a limited time only. Read their Introductory Essay and the full call for papers.


RHEP_185_265Higher Education Pedagogies

We are pleased to announce our new open access journal Higher Education Pedagogies. The journal will provide an international gateway to research, experience and perspectives across a wide selection of teaching and learning debates within higher education. They are calling for papers that will be accessible to a range of audiences and theoretically and empirically righteous. Discover more about this exciting new journal.


RPRH_275_360Policy Reviews in Higher Education

A new international journal, Policy Reviews in Higher Education is calling for papers which discuss significant areas of policy development affecting higher education. Learn more about submitting your paper.




TJASThe Italian Journal of Animal Science

The official journal of the Animal Science and Production Association, The Italian Journal of Animal Science has joined our veterinary science portfolio. The journal is an international peer-reviewed open access journal publishing original scientific papers, reviews and short communications on animal science, animal production and related areas. Find out how to submit to this journal.


 RGOVThe Journal of Chinese Governance

Want to publish your research on society relationship and governance practice in China? Our new journal The Journal of Chinese Governance is currently welcoming papers. Find out how to submit your manuscript.



Toxicology Communications

Toxicology Communications is an open access journal that launched in January, 2017. The journal presents a new venue for sharing your clinical observations and investigations. Among the growing numbers of journals that publish case reports, the journal aims to be the first to focus on toxicology. Find out more.


Latest calls for papers across all journals

Acta Biomaterialia Odontologica Scandinavica

Acta Biomaterialia Odontologica Scandinavica is an international, open-access journal providing rapid publication of high-quality dental research in the areas of oral biomaterials science. Original research papers, review articles and short communications will be considered for publication. Find out more.


The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

This journal is launching a new, recurring section Methods in Addiction Research. It will include the latest developments, critiques, and updates of state-of-the-art methodological and analytical tools relevant to Addiction. Read more about this exciting opportunity to contribute to this new venture.


NAQIAquatic Insects: International Journal of Freshwater Entomology

Are you a scholar in the taxonomy, evolution and biology of all aquatic insects? Aquatic Insects: International Journal of Freshwater Entomology is welcoming manuscripts on aquatic and semi-aquatic insects. Read the full call for papers.




Strategies for Bioenergy Production from Agriculture and Agrifood Processing Residues. Submit your research to a forthcoming special issue of Biofuels, which aims to provide an overview on the development of economical and technological solutions for the recovery of various agriculture and agro-industrial wastes. Read the full call for papers.



rdsrDevelopment Studies Research: An Open Access Journal

Development Studies Research is a fully OA peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal providing an interdisciplinary platform for original, critical research. The journal aims to broaden understandings of current development studies research, open up new areas of debate, reflect on and advance development theory, identify problems of policy and practice, and present potential solutions and recommendations. Read the full call for papers.


Discourse Processes

Discourse Processes accepts original experimental or theoretical papers that substantially advance understandings of the structure of, function of, and interactions involving discourse. Scholars and researchers working from the perspectives of sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, discourse psychology, text linguistics, ethnomethodology and sociology of language, education, philosophy of language, computer science, and related subareas are encouraged to contribute. Find out how to submit.


REPSEconomic and Political Studies

Economic and Political Studies aims to spread significant theoretical, analytical, and empirical research on political-economic phenomena related to China. The journal welcomes original studies that analyzes the role of economic and political institutions and considers China’s interaction with the world. Find out how to submit your paper by reading the full call for papers.



European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology

Special Issue: Big Data and the Environmental Humanities. This proposed issue will explore the myriad ways in which ‘big’ environmental data generated by scientific or social scientific research, and often mediated through information technology, might be visualised into palatable forms that display and communicate the unseen workings of hyperobjects. Read the full call for papers.

Deadline: 2 March 2018


European Journal of Sport Science

European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) is the official journal of the European College of Sport Science. The editorial policy of the Journal pursues the multi-disciplinary aims of the College: to promote the highest standards of scientific study and scholarship in a range of fields: browse the full list.


tebcEvidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention

The editors of Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention (EBCAI) are inviting submissions to the journal. EBCAI aims to promote evidence-based practice in communication assessment and intervention alongside bringing multi-disciplinary professionals and researchers together to promote evidence-based practice. Find out more about the call for papers here.



The editors of Exemplaria are offering a great opportunity to contribute research on the methods and aims of scholarship on the Medieval or Early Modern periods. Find out more and how to submit online.



RFSYFirst Amendment Studies

First Amendment Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original essays, which make a significant contribution to theory and/or policy, on all aspects of free speech. The journal embraces the full range of critical, historical, empirical, or descriptive methodologies. Read the full call for papers and learn how to submit your paper.


CPAR_275_394Global Change, Peace & Security

Our leading international journal, Global Change, Peace and Security, is calling for papers. This issue will address the difficult practical and theoretical questions posed by a rapidly globalising world, looking at all areas of political, economic and cultural life. Learn more about submitting to this journal.



chrsHealth, Risk, & Society

Health, Risk and Society is inviting submissions to appear in its upcoming issues. The journal seeks to stimulate debate on the nature of risk and uncertainty through its variety of publications that include editorials, reviews and special issues. Read the full call for papers to find out more!


International Diabetes NursingYIDN_275_389

International Diabetes Nursing is inviting submissions related to diabetes. They are looking for papers that tackle the latest topics and issues and they publish a mixture of original research, reviews, case reports and conference reports. Take a look at the full call for papers and find out how to submit online. 


gculInternational Journal of Cultural Policy

Do you have research in the field of cultural policy? International Journal of Cultural Policy has a new annual special issue on cultural diplomacy and international cultural relations. Find out more here and submit your article today.



tmseInternational Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management

Researching Management Science or Engineering Management? Submit your paper now to the International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management. Read more. 


Journal of Beliefs & Values: Studies in Religion & Education

Special Issue on Critical Issues and Research in Religious Literacy. This special issue focuses upon how we teach and learn about religion and belief across sectors of society – in schools, universities, professional training, workplace learning, and informal, community and citizen settings, as well as a range of international perspectives –  through the lens of religious literacy. Read more.

Deadline: 31 March 2018


Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve

Build a global audience and share your latest research with the  Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery, and Electronic Reserve. Your contributions are important to the growth of library resource sharing on an international level. Find out how to submit.


JOPERDJournal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (JOPERD)

SHAPE America’s cornerstone journal is interested in article submissions on teaching strategies, fitness, health, dance, assessment, teacher education, adapted physical education, and the use of technology. Find out more about how to submit your article.


Journal of Visual Art Practice

Call for Submissions on Book Reviews. We welcome reviews of books that broadly relate to the core values of the Journal of Visual Art Practice. JVAP is concerned with visual art practice including the social, economic, political and cultural frames within which the formal concerns of art and visual art practice are located. The journal is concerned with research engaged in these disciplines, and with the contested ideas of knowledge formed through that research. Read the full submissions instructions.


World langsJournal of World Languages

Submit your research papers for our new issue of The Journal of World Languages. This edition will explore the linguistic, communicative and socio-cultural implications of the global spread of major languages, and the impact this is having on the world’s linguistic mapping. Read the full call for papers.


Journal of Women & Aging

Call for Professional Book Reviews. The Journal of Women & Aging (JWA) welcomes the opportunity to publish reviews of current books in women and aging, and related fields. Read the full call for papers for more details.

Deadline: various depending on issue.


Measurement in Physical Education and ExcerciseMeasurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science

The editors of Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science are calling for manuscripts. They are looking for specific topics but also welcoming any high quality manuscripts that fits within the broader scope of the journal. Read the full call for papers and how to submit online here.


Media Asia

Media Asia is a scholarly journal that shares research-based findings and critical insights addressing contemporary media issues and communication challenges in Asia. The journal welcomes articles in either the social scientific or humanistic tradition and in any disciplinary orientation. Find out more about submitting your paper.



Mediterranean Historical Review

Mediterranean Historical Review is welcoming submissions to their journal. Their broad spectrum of topics ranges from economics to intellectual and inter-religious exchanges, slavery, navigation, early shipping insurance, literature and music, and even climate. Full information on submitting your manuscript is found here.



Is your research in the field of mycology? Our Mycology journal is currently calling for papers on all aspects of the subject, from ecology and biodiversity, to molecular phylogeny and evolution. Find out more about submitting your paper.


NetworkNetwork: Computation in neural systems

Does your research specialize in neurobiology? The Network: Computation in neural systems journal is calling for papers with a particular focus on discussing new technologies in neuroscience. It aims to publish theoretical neuroscience research that is driven by experimental data, and which is accessible to neurobiologists, psychologists and cognitive scientists. Learn more about submitting your work.


YPALPaleoAmerica: A Journal of Early Human Migration and Dispersal

PaleoAmerica: A Journal of Early Human Migration and Dispersal is currently looking for submissions on early human dispersal and migrations. Editorials, new research studies and essays on current debates, within the field, are all welcome. Read the invitation and find out how to submit.


ResiliRESI_275_394ence: International Policies, Practices and Discourses

: International Policies, Practices and Discourses welcomes book reviews and review essays, including texts engaging with the assumptions informing resilience approaches and practices across a range of disciplines. Disciplines that they are interested in include law, geography, politics and anthropology. Learn more about the call for papers.


TSMASmart Science

Do you have a paper that you want to submit on smart science and manufacturing? Then Smart Science could be the right journal for you. Check out the full call for papers.



StrategiesStrategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators

SHAPE America is seeking papers for its bimonthly journal Strategies. The journal is particularly interested article submissions on sport, coaching, and health topics. Find out how to submit a manuscript for consideration here.


Teaching in Higher Education

This forthcoming special issue of Teaching in Higher Education will focus on how universities can and should respond to the ‘post-truth’ world where experts and expertise are under attack, but where knowledge and theory-based practice continue to offer the hope of a fairer, safer and more rewarding world.  The journal is interested to receive papers that re-examine what and how universities should teach in responding to the new public scepticism. See more details.



is welcoming submissions and offering a range of prizes for research papers. They are looking for research papers broadly related to interactions between living matter and temperature. Find out how to submit your work and how to win one of the journal’s awards.



RTPQText and Performance Quarterly

Publishing scholarship which explores and advances the study of performance, Text and Performance Quarterly is seeking contributions. Find out more.



TAARThe Journal of Applied Animal Research

From the start of 2016 all articles in The Journal of Applied Animal Research will be published open access. The Journal of Applied Animal Research publishes articles related to animal production and fundamental aspects of genetics, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, immunology, pathology and animal products. Read the full call for papers.


TSTRThe Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance

The Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance covers the broad fields of structural engineering, construction materials engineering, and foundation engineering.  Authors are encouraged to submit papers on topics related to the state of the art methods for maintenance and inspection, integrity and safety and other topics. Read the full call for papers for more information.


Journal cover: The Nordic Journal of Human RightsThe Nordic Journal of Human Rights

The Nordic Journal of Human Rights is one of Scandinavia’s leading journals in the field of human rights. The editors are currently seeking research articles and review/survey articles for forthcoming issues. Read the full call for papers, including a list of possible areas for submissions.


Visual Culture in Britain

Visual Culture in Britain publishes original work incorporating a wide range of media and related theoretical approaches that expand the realms of visual culture beyond the ocular to incorporate the emerging theories associated with the new materialisms in Britain. Contributions are welcomed from academics and professionals working in Art, Architecture, Design, Film, Performance/Live Arts, Craft/Makers, Intermedia, Mass/Hyper/Digital Media and Games. Find out more.



World Archaeology

Do you have research on global archaeology that you want to publish? World Archaeology is looking for papers for a variety of forthcoming issues. Find out which one you should submit to by reading the different calls for papers.