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How Researchers Changed the World

Introducing a new podcast series and learning programs

Gain an insight into the fascinating world of research with the How Researchers Changed the World podcast and supercharge your own research career by signing up to a 12-week learning program.

How Researchers Changed the World

The podcast

Each episode of the podcast follows the story of one passionate researcher, unpacking their motivations for the subject they study, the challenges of their research, and how one particular piece of research went on to change the world we live in.

If you’re a researcher yourself, these inspirational stories can help you unlock the potential of your own work, laying the foundations for your research to change the world too.

Episode 12 – From soldier to scholar: fostering peace through food security in India

How researchers changed the world episode 12“I saw so much destruction around us, and the exploitation of our resources, so that’s the reason I chose to study sustainable development.”

Colonel Divakaran Padma Kumar (DPK) Pillay began his career as an Indian Army Officer. In 1994 he was grievously injured during a military incident in Manipur. Following this incident, he shifted his focus to become a researcher, aiming to better understand national security and sustainable development to improve the lives of Indian people just like those he had encountered in combat.

This podcast focuses on Col. DPK Pillay’s 2018 research paper: ‘Food Security in India: Evolution, Efforts and Problems’. DPK identified a lack of food security, and rising food prices, as a key factor in the unrest and conflict that he found himself in the center of in 1994. So, in this paper he explores India’s history with food security, tracing the problem to its root causes and discussing its impacts on the people of India.

Listen to episode 12 of How Researchers Changed the World

The learning programs

Alongside the How Researchers Changed the World podcast, there are two 12-week learning programs for researchers. Whether you’re an early career researcher embarking on your first article, or a mid-career researcher juggling competing pressures, we have a program for you.

Helping you discover how your research can change the world, they’re designed to help you supercharge your research career and boost your impact.

When you sign up you’ll receive a chapter via email each week. You can then explore the chapter at the time that works best for you. Over 12 weeks those chapters will build into an indispensable guide you can continue to use throughout your research career.