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Open access: the most read research of 2019

Explore the 10 most downloaded open access Taylor & Francis articles

Which open access research articles received the most attention in 2019, and how were they talked about in the media and online?

As in previous years, we’ve crunched the numbers and can reveal the 10 most-downloaded open access articles published in 2019, with some of the year’s themes including: social media, mental health, and red meat intake.

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The top 10 open access articles published in 2019

1) Moving to a world beyond “p < 0.05”

Nicole A. Lazar, Allen L. Schirm & Ronald L. Wasserstein

P Values graph“Some of you exploring this special issue of The American Statistician might be wondering if it’s a scolding from pedantic statisticians lecturing you about what not to do with p-values, without offering any real ideas of what to do about the very hard problem of separating signal from noise in data and making decisions under uncertainty. Fear not. In this issue, thanks to 43 innovative and thought-provoking papers from forward-looking statisticians, help is on the way.”

Downloads: 141,497*
Journal: The American Statistician

2) Twenty-one years of using insect resistant (GM) maize in Spain and Portugal: farm-level economic and environmental contributions

Graham Brookes

GM crops and food“This study assesses the economic and environmental impacts that have arisen from the adoption and use of genetically modified insect resistant maize in Spain and Portugal in the 21 years since first planted in Spain in 1998.”

Downloads: 107,814*
Journal: GM Crops & Food

3) Implications for educational practice of the science of learning and development

Linda Darling-Hammond, Lisa Flook, Channa Cook-Harvey, Brigid Barron & David Osher

student working“This article draws out the implications for school and classroom practices of an emerging consensus about the science of learning and development, outlined in a recent synthesis of the research. Situating the review in a developmental systems framework, we synthesize evidence from the learning sciences and several branches of educational research regarding well-vetted strategies that support the kinds of relationships and learning opportunities needed to promote children’s well-being, healthy development, and transferable learning.”

Downloads: 52,094*
Journal: Applied Developmental Science

4) The impact of stress on students in secondary school and higher education

Michaela C. Pascoe, Alexandra G. Parker & Sarah E. Hetrick

student stressed“This narrative review presents the most recent research concerning the impact of academic-related stress, including discussion of the impact on students’ learning capacity and academic performance, mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, sleep disturbances and substance use.”

Downloads: 39,053*
Journal: International Journal of Adolescence and Youth

5) A report of the 2019 Hong Kong protests

Martin Purbrick

Hong Kong protests“This article … offers a detailed chronological overview of the development of the 2019 protests in Hong Kong; analyses the problems with the political response on the part of the Hong Kong and Beijing governments; it also looks at the tactics employed by the protesters, and critically examines the tactical and strategic response to the protests by the Hong Kong police.”

Downloads: 34,361*
Journal: Asian Affairs

6) Sub-acute effects of psilocybin on empathy, creative thinking, and subjective well-being

Elisabeth Mischler, K. P. C. Kuypers, Kim P. C. Kuypers, Natasha L. Mason & Malin V. Uthaug

“Creative thinking and empathy are crucial for everyday interactions and subjective well-being … The study demonstrates that a single administration of psilocybin in a social setting may be associated with sub-acute enhancement of creative thinking, empathy, and subjective well-being.”

Downloads: 30,852*
Journal: Journal of Psychoactive Drugs

7) A systematic review: the influence of social media on depression, anxiety and psychological distress in adolescents

Annmarie Grealish, Betul Keles & Niall McCrae

social media mental health“While becoming inextricable to our daily lives, online social media are blamed for increasing mental health problems in younger people. This systematic review synthesized evidence on the influence of social media use on depression, anxiety and psychological distress in adolescents.”

Downloads: 26,344*
Journal: International Journal of Adolescence and Youth

8) Should dietary guidelines recommend low red meat intake?

Frédéric Leroy & Nathan Cofnas

dietary guidelines red meat“Mainstream dietary recommendations now commonly advise people to minimize the intake of red meat for health and environmental reasons …. We argue that claims about the health dangers of red meat are not only improbable in the light of our evolutionary history, they are far from being supported by robust scientific evidence.”

Downloads: 23,778*
Journal: Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

9) A third wave of autocratization is here: what is new about it?

Anna Lührmann & Staffan I. Lindberg

autocratization“Less than 30 years after Fukuyama and others declared liberal democracy’s eternal dominance, a third wave of autocratization is manifest. Gradual declines of democratic regime attributes characterize contemporary autocratization. Yet, we lack the appropriate conceptual and empirical tools to diagnose and compare such elusive processes. Addressing that gap, this article provides the first comprehensive empirical overview of all autocratization episodes from 1900 to today based on data from the Varieties of Democracy Project (V-Dem).”

Downloads: 21,586*
Journal: Democratization

10) How much compliance is too much compliance: Is long-term ABA therapy abuse?

Aileen Herlinda Sandoval-Norton & Gary Shkedy

ABA Therapy“This article discusses the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder with specific regard to the most ubiquitous current treatment, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). A discussion of some of the issues with the underlying theory of ABA in its current application is conducted, especially with regard to “lower functioning” and nonverbal autistic individuals”

Downloads: 19,684*
Journal: Cogent Psychology

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*Total number of article downloads, from online publication to December 31 2019.