Ordering print copies of your article

Please go into your Central Article Tracking System (CATS) account and click on the ‘Additional Actions’ tab.

This will take you to the ordering page, where you will see a ‘Reprints / Issues’ button.

After clicking ‘Reprints / Issues’, the first page of the registration form will appear. This page allows you to choose the quantity of reprints and/or issue copies, the reprint covers option, and the currency in which you would like to be invoiced.

Once you have selected the required options, an estimated total will appear.

It is our policy to supply authors with reprints they have ordered as quickly as possible, so this will be a reprint of the first available version of their article. For journals that publish articles online before they are placed in an issue, this is likely to be a version without page numbers. If it is important to you that your article reprint contains page numbers, please place your order after you receive notification that your article has been published in an issue.