The role of early career researchers in improving peer review diversity

Catherine Walker of Sense about ScienceThe theme of this year’s Peer Review Week was diversity in peer review; encouraging us all to think about what peer review diversity looks like and how it can be promoted.

Inspired by these discussions, Catherine Walker of Sense about Science shares her perspective on the problem and highlights an important solution.

Extracting a journal article from your thesis

Marissa Rollnick explains how to extract journal articles from your thesis"Turning your thesis into publications should mark the beginning of your publication career. It is important to publish work post PhD as this makes your research more accessible to others."

What should you consider before and during the process of writing an article from your thesis?

We caught up with Marissa Rollnick, winner of a 2018 NARST Distinguished Contributions to Science Education through Research Award, who gave us her advice for those starting out.

Transform your conference paper into a prize-winning journal article

Charlie Berry explains how to turn a conference presentation into an academic articleIt’s academic conference season in many parts of the world; an opportunity to present your latest ideas and research to your peers. Once you’ve survived the challenge of a conference paper presentation, how do you use that experience to produce an outstanding journal article?

Charlie Berry, winner of the Curriers’ Company London History Essay Prize, shares her tips for doing just that.

How to turn your conference paper into a journal article

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