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Peer review | a global view

Read the global research study on peer review

Interested in what motivates researchers to peer review? Or what training and support people would like to see in place?

Now published is Peer review: a global view, the latest supplement from one of the largest research studies into peer review in recent years.

5 key findings:

  1. Making a contribution to the field and sharing results are the strongest motivations for submitting to peer-reviewed journals.
  2. Playing their part as a member of the academic community, reciprocating the benefit, and improving papers are the most important reasons for agreeing to peer review in both science, technology and medicine (STM) and humanities and social sciences (HSS) disciplines.
  3. Most people received their first invitation to review through the journal editor or an editorial board member.
  4. Over two thirds of authors who have never peer reviewed would like to.
  5. 64% of authors in HSS and 63% in STM who are yet to review a paper would like formal training.

Informed by responses from over 6,300 researchers (a response rate of 7.7%), this supplement brings together opinions from journal authors, peer reviewers and journal editors from across the humanities and social sciences and science, technology and medicine.

Start reading now by clicking on the supplement or accompanying data file below.

Motivations and support supplement

Key survey data

Peer review in 2015: a global view

The supplement on motivations, training and support in peer review is accompanied by Peer review in 2015: a global view, a white paper which gathers opinions on peer review from those who author research articles, those who review them, and the journal editors who oversee the process.

Read more on:

  • The purpose of peer review, and how reality is matching with expectation
  • Perceptions on the prevalence of ethical issues in peer review
  • Timeliness in peer review
  • Different peer review models

White paper

Key data


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