Publishing open access with Taylor & Francis

At Taylor & Francis we offer authors, their institutions, and their funders choice in the route to publishing open access (OA) with us. You can either choose to publish “gold” OA, or make your article available via “green” OA options.

What’s gold OA?

Gold OA means that the final published version of your article (or Version of Record) is permanently and freely available online for anyone anywhere to read. There are few or no restrictions on how people can reuse your work (and they must credit you if they do so). You will usually retain copyright of your work and an article publishing charge (APC) is usually applicable if you publish gold OA.

What’s green OA?

Green OA refers to self-archiving of your article, and often applies to earlier versions of your paper. Find out more about green OA at Taylor and Francis at Sharing your work.

Why publish OA?

Publishing gold OA in a Taylor & Francis journal guarantees:

  • A wide choice of high-quality journals to publish in, ranging across disciplines and subject areas.
  • Input from, and dialog with, expert editors and editorial boards.
  • Rigorous peer review for every open-access article.
  • Rapid online publication.
  • Immediate access to your article on publication, accessible by anyone, anywhere.
  • High visibility and discoverability via Taylor & Francis Online.
  • Global marketing and publicity, ensuring your article reaches the people you want it to.
  • Article metrics (downloads, citations, and Altmetric data) for your article including in My Authored Works, so you can measure its impact.
  • Retention of full copyright of your article through unrestrictive publishing agreements.
  • Guaranteed legacy preservation of your article.
  • Discounts and waivers for authors in developing regions.


Taylor & Francis Open and Routledge Open

Routledge Open logoEvery article published in our Open journals is published as gold OA. The majority of these journals use Creative Commons licenses. Browse our growing list of Open journals.

An article publishing charge (APC) is applicable for authors publishing in most Taylor & Francis Open and Routledge Open journals. APCs vary by journal and are subject to occasional special offers. Please check the instructions for authors on the journal’s web page to confirm the current APC (please note that this charge is exclusive of tax).

Waivers and discounts are available for authors publishing in our Open journals. The invoicing and APC process is separate from peer review and editorial decisions. Academic editors, board members, and reviewers are not involved in the invoicing process and are unable to grant discretionary waivers.

Taylor & Francis Open Select and Routledge Open Select

Open Select provides you with the option to make an article gold OA in one of our subscription-based journals (hybrid OA). This initiative currently encompasses most titles published under the Routledge and Taylor & Francis imprints, offering you a huge choice across subjects and disciplines. This option is made available once an article has been accepted, and usually requires the payment of an article publishing charge (APC).

Our standard article publishing charge (APC) for our Open Select journals is:
£1,895 | €2,275 | $2,950 (excluding tax), though this may vary.

View all Open Select journals, with APC information.

Checking your OA options

All the information on OA options across all Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals can be found in our OA journal finder. You can use this page to check:

  • Which of our journals offer Gold OA
  • What the current APC is on specific journals
  • What the green OA embargo periods are on our journals
  • Which licenses you can publish under

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Author FAQs

Do I have to pay to publish my work in an Open Select title?

No. If you don’t pay the APC then your work will be published as a standard article, and will be available to journal subscribers. You can still make your work OA on a green OA basis.

Can the APC be discounted or waived?

We’re partnering with groups of institutions around the world to help researchers publish gold open access in their chosen journals. These agreements can mean that authors benefit from much reduced article publishing charges (APCs) or that they are able to publish open access at no cost to themselves. Find out if you’re eligible for this open access support.

A number of individual institutions have also signed up to an open access membership scheme with us, which means that you may be eligible to have your APC covered by your institution, or be entitled to a discount on the APC. View a list of current partners and further information.

Authors publishing in many of our fully open access Taylor & Francis or Routledge Open journals are eligible to apply for a full or partial waiver of the APC if they are based in countries classified by the World Bank as a ‘Low-Income Economy’ or ‘Lower-Middle-Income Economy’. Please visit the APC discounts and waivers page for more details.

Waivers may also be considered in exceptional cases for researchers who aren’t eligible for the policies above. Please visit the APC discounts and waivers page for more details.

Could I be eligible for funding?

Your research funder or host institution may have funding available for OA publication fees – please contact them for further information.

Can I make my article gold OA if it has already been published in an Open Select journal?

Yes, if your work has been published as a standard article in an Open Select (hybrid) journal, you can choose to make it gold open access at a later date:

1. Email our OA Support Team at explaining that you wish to make your article open access. Please include the title and DOI of your article.
2. You will receive an invoice for the article publishing charge (APC) to make your article OA, along with a new copyright form to sign.
3. Your article will then be made open access so that it is permanently available for anyone to read, anywhere.

Standard APCs apply if you are making your article OA retrospectively, however discounts may be available if your institution has an OA membership or is part of an open access agreement. To find out if you are eligible for a discount under these agreements please contact our OA Support Team (

How do I pay?

For our Open Select journals, after your article has been accepted you will receive an email that explains the steps you should take if you wish to make your article available on a gold OA basis.

For our Taylor & Francis Open and Routledge Open journals, the corresponding author of the paper will receive an invoice on acceptance of their article (after peer review), outlining the APC and payment terms.

Are any taxes applicable?

Authors resident in any of the countries of the European Union have to add U.K. Value-Added Tax (currently 20%). Institutions outside the U.K. paying the fee on behalf of the author and who provide their VAT registration number will not be charged U.K. VAT.