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Open access publishing for researchers in the Czech Republic

New read & publish agreement with CzechELib

Corresponding authors based at participating institutions in the Czech Republic are now eligible to publish open access in Taylor & Francis and Routledge Open Select (hybrid) journals at no cost to themselves.

This two-year ‘read & publish’ agreement with CzechELib combines continued access to Taylor & Francis journals with the opportunity to increase the reach and impact of Czech research by publishing open access in over 2,000 Open Select titles.

What should I do to make my research open access?

You don’t need to do anything. All accepted research meeting the requirements below will be automatically considered for open access publication under this agreement. If funding for your article is approved by your institution, you will receive an email asking you to select the Creative Commons license of your choice – find out about Creative Commons licenses.

What are the requirements?

To be eligible, articles must:

  • Be original research articles. Other types of paper, such as Editorials, Announcements, and Book Reviews, are not covered by this agreement.
  • Be accepted for publication between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 by an Open Select journal included in this agreement (see below).
  • Have a corresponding author based at one of the participating Czech institutions (see below).

Which journals can I publish in open access under this agreement?

The majority of Taylor & Francis and Routledge Open Select (hybrid) journals are part of this agreement. Only those titles with the highest article publishing charges are excluded. Please speak to your library to check whether the journal you are submitting to is covered by this agreement.

Is there a limit to the number of articles that can be made open access under this agreement?

Yes, CzechELib and Taylor & Francis have agreed a maximum number of open access articles to be published for each year of this partnership. Please be aware that this limit might therefore be reached before the end of a year, at which point the open access publishing element of the agreement will be paused until the beginning of the following year. However, even if the article allocation is reached, individual institutions may still have funds to continue supporting OA publishing. Please speak to your library for further details.

Which institutions are part of this agreement?

  • Ceska Zemedelska Univerzita v Praze
  • Fyzikalni ustav Akademie ved Ceske republiky
  • Masarykova univerzita
  • Matematicky ustav Akademie ved Ceske republiky
  • Mendelova univerzita v Brne
  • Národní pedagogické muzeum a knihovna J. A. Komenského
  • Narodni technicka knihovna
  • Ostravska Univerzita v Ostrave
  • SKODA AUTO vysoká škola
  • Technicka univerzita v Liberci
  • Univerzita Karlova
  • Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně
  • Ustav informatiky Akademie ved Ceske Republiky
  • Ustav makromolekularni chemie Akademie ved Ceske republiky
  • Ustav teorie informace a automatizace Akademie ved Ceske republiky
  • Vysoka skola chemicko-technologicka v Praze
  • Vysoke uceni technicke v Brne
  • Zapadoceska univerzita

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