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A new approach to peer review

Peerage of Science

A number of Taylor & Francis journals are taking part in a trial with Peerage of Science, a free service which facilitates a streamlined peer review process for authors.

Peerage of Science logoThe Taylor & Francis journals included in the trial benefit from the enhanced services Peerage of Science offers. So as an author, should you be considering Peerage of Science for your next research paper? Here are a few of our favorite features we think you might find useful.

1. An expansive network of reviewers
The service boasts a ready-made network of neutral unbiased reviewers across a range of disciplines, not tied to any one journal, society or organization. You can be sure your paper is being fairly reviewed by someone with a fresh perspective on your work.

2. One peer review process
The peer review process is available to all subscribing journals simultaneously, meaning there’s no need to go through multiple submissions to different journals. You can still choose where to publish, but no longer have to approach this journal by journal.

3. Set your own deadlines, and keep up to date
You can set up your own timescale for the review process when you first submit. These deadlines are then automatically followed by the system and you will receive automatic email alerts to help you keep track of progress.

4. Freedom to publish where you want
Once reviewed, you are free to send your paper to any journal you choose, or to accept an offer sent to you from a journal which subscribes to the Peerage of Science service.

5. Fair, transparent process
You can choose not to display your name and affiliation against your work to ensure a blind peer review process.

6. Quantifiable quality
Reviews are scored against three criteria: Merits, Critique and Discussion. Because the reviews themselves are then reviewed, you can be sure the feedback you receive is of a high quality with constructive evaluations you can use in your revisions.

7. It’s free!
The running costs of Peerage of Science are covered by those who benefit from the review content, therefore publishers, funding bodies and university departments. As the author submitting your paper to the service, there is no charge.

To find out more, visit

Get involved! If you have at least one published article in an indexed or established peer-reviewed journal, you could be helping others in your field of expertise as a Peerage of Science peer reviewer. Register interest at

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