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article preparation Pages

Technology Evaluation

Word limit: The word limit for Technology Evaluations is 3,000-5,000 words (not including figures, tablesĀ and references). Every article must contain: […]

Device Profile

Scope: The aim of a Device Profile is to provide an independent perspective on the objective assessments of specific devices […]

Diagnostic Profile

Scope: Diagnostic Profile articles provide an overview of diagnostic products individually as they are approved and become available on the […]

Letter to the Editor

The Expert Review and Expert Opinion series welcomes Letters to the Editor commenting on any article published in the journals. […]

Clinical Trial Report

Word limit: The word limit for Clinical Trial Reports is 3,000-7,000 words (not including tables, figures and references). Aim: The […]

Drug Profile

Scope: Expert Review articles have been engineered specifically for the online environment. The structure is designed to draw the time-constrained […]

Special Report

Scope: Special Reports are short review-style articles that summarize a particular niche area, be it a specific technique or therapeutic […]