Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The Taylor & Francis Author Services team is on hand to answer any questions you may have as you navigate the process of getting your article published in an academic journal. You can get in touch with them using our contact form. But what are the most common queries they receive each week? The Author… Read more »

5 ways societies can amplify your research impact

Arnaud Schmitt discusses 5 ways societies can amplify your research impact

As a researcher, you’re always looking for ways to amplify your research impact. It’s vital for funding, not to mention career prospects. But working on your own, you can only make so much noise. Working with a society helps turn up the volume. This is the story of Arnaud Schmitt, professor at the University of… Read more »

Winner’s story: Gerrit Bloothooft and David Onland

We hope this winning study inspires other onomastic researchers to dig into the rich historical textual and onomastic information that is rapidly becoming available digitally The enormous growth in digitized historical information opens new opportunities for onomastic research that goes beyond the possibilities of small samples. Our study on the occurrence of multiple first names… Read more »

16 things you might not know about early career researchers

ECR in the library

What do early career researchers (ECRs) really think about peer review, open access, or Impact Factors? What motivates them to undertake research, how do they choose which journal to publish in, and how do they build their reputation amongst the scholarly community? Recent research from CIBER, an interdisciplinary and independent UK-based research group, analyzes interviews… Read more »

Winner’s story: Lauren White and Guy Faulkner

We would like to thank the editors of the International Journal of Health Promotion and Education and the Taylor & Francis Group for honoring us with the Pittu Laungani award. The awarded paper reports a four-year evaluation of Sports Day In Canada (SDIC) – an event that celebrates the role of sport within communities across… Read more »

Peer review | a global view

Interested in what motivates researchers to peer review? Or what training and support people would like to see in place? Now published is Peer review: a global view, the latest supplement from one of the largest research studies into peer review in recent years. 5 key findings: Making a contribution to the field and sharing… Read more »

Winner’s story: Déborah Closset-Kopp

The idea that the Société Botanique de France endorsed my project is very important for me. In a way, this project is a return to my roots, back to my first research. Déborah Closset-Kopp is an assistant professor at the lab of “Ecologie et Dynamique des Sytèmes Anthropisés” (EDYSAN, FRE 3498 CNRS) of the Jules… Read more »

Submitting an article? Think. Check. Submit.

As a researcher, how do you evaluate whether the journal you’re about to send your work to is the real deal? The answer could lie in “Think. Check. Submit.”, an initiative launched by a coalition of publishers and industry organizations, which provides tools to make the process of choosing the right journal for your work… Read more »