Is academia fairly portrayed in the press?

“Higher Education has the capacity to shape public opinion and government policy, but it’s not fully reaching that potential at present. The devastating impact of emotional, sensationalist tabloid coverage of research findings are having a damaging effect on higher education. We should be aiming for a more intelligent media, boosting the offering of higher education… Read more »

Altmetric for Books: now on Routledge Handbooks Online

Routledge Handbooks Online became the first customer of Altmetric for Books this month, meaning book editors, chapter authors and readers can now take advantage of functionality previously only available to scholars working on journal articles. Altmetric mines the internet for data to help authors, researchers, publishers and funders understand the many ways that research has… Read more »

OA research stories: Dr. Daniel Cameron

How does publishing treatment guidelines Open Access (OA) impact on the potential for use by physicians?  In this latest research story, Dr. Daniel Cameron reflects on the reaction to his evidence-based guidance on Lyme disease, and its worldwide impact and application. “Evidence assessments and guideline recommendations in Lyme disease: the clinical management of known tick… Read more »

Winner’s story: Déborah Closset-Kopp

The idea that the Société Botanique de France endorsed my project is very important for me. In a way, this project is a return to my roots, back to my first research. Déborah Closset-Kopp is an assistant professor at the lab of “Ecologie et Dynamique des Sytèmes Anthropisés” (EDYSAN, FRE 3498 CNRS) of the Jules… Read more »

Winner’s story: Joanne Chassot

I didn’t know Atlantic Studies: Global Currents had launched this new prize for early-career scholars, and I feel honored to be its first recipient. I was all the more delighted to receive this prize that it came as an absolute surprise. I didn’t know Atlantic Studies: Global Currents had launched this new prize for early-career… Read more »

Your research stories for Open Access Week

To celebrate OA Week, we asked researchers who’ve recently published their work Open Access (OA) to tell us why they chose OA as their route to publish, what reception their research article received, and how they found the experience. Read on for Dr Onica Le Gendre’s OA story. Published in Molecular and Cellular Oncology, 2015… Read more »