Making papers accessible to a general audience

The theme of Open Access Week 2017 was “Open in order to …”, exploring the potential benefits of publishing research in an open access format. During the week we heard the stories of Taylor & Francis authors who have found success in achieving their publishing goals through open access; whether that’s making new connections, attracting… Read more »

How press campaigns help maximize the impact of your research

Press campaign: newspapers

Getting your article into the media can help your research achieve greater impact, especially beyond academic circles. Benefits can include an increase in downloads, citations, and reaching audiences who might not otherwise have been exposed to your research or the topic it covers. The below infographic shows the impact one article achieved with a press… Read more »

What can the media do for researchers?

News criteria infographic: what makes networthy research?

Historically, the relationship between researchers and the mass media has been troubled. According to a 2007 study  by the European Commission, many scientists fear that the media may prioritize the publication of what is immediate, controversial and attention-grabbing above what is true, and lament that 10 years of research can be trivialized in a two-line… Read more »

Is academia fairly portrayed in the press?

“Higher Education has the capacity to shape public opinion and government policy, but it’s not fully reaching that potential at present. The devastating impact of emotional, sensationalist tabloid coverage of research findings are having a damaging effect on higher education. We should be aiming for a more intelligent media, boosting the offering of higher education… Read more »