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Open access agreements: are you eligible for OA publishing support?

We’re partnering with institutions and funders around the world to help researchers publish gold open access in their chosen journals. These agreements can mean that individual authors benefit from much reduced article publishing charges (APCs) or that they are able to publish open access at no cost to themselves. Find out below if you’re eligible… Read more »

OA research stories: Elisa Bonaccorso

In this latest research story, co-author Elisa Bonaccorso tells us how publishing open access (OA) enabled her work to reach the scientific world in “real time”. “Understanding the evolutionary history of a high Andean endemic: the Ecuadorian hillstar (Oreotrochilus chimborazo)” published in Neotropical Biodiversity. Published Open Access in March 2016. Downloads: 1,367* I am an… Read more »

Open access: new agreement benefits Max Planck researchers

If you are a Max Planck researcher, a new agreement will enable you to publish open access in 2,390 Taylor & Francis journals without having to pay an article publishing charge. Under the centrally funded scheme all corresponding authors based at a Max Planck Institute are now eligible to have their manuscript published gold OA… Read more »

5 reasons to sign up to Taylor & Francis Insights

Keeping up with the latest news from the research community can be hard. Submissions deadlines, papers to mark, conferences to attend – it’s easy to push it all to one side. That’s why we’ve introduced Insights: a weekly round-up of the latest news, stories and tips. From reviewer guidelines to making an impact through social media, we’ve got it covered…. Read more »

16 things you might not know about early career researchers

ECR in the library

What do early career researchers (ECRs) really think about peer review, open access, or Impact Factors? What motivates them to undertake research, how do they choose which journal to publish in, and how do they build their reputation amongst the scholarly community? Recent research from CIBER, an interdisciplinary and independent UK-based research group, analyzes interviews… Read more »

OA research stories: Rob Kitchin

How can research be highlighted and shared after publication, especially when it is Open Access (OA) and available for anyone to read? In this latest research story, Rob Kitchin tells us about his work on smart cities, and how publishing through a learned society journal helped to extend the reach of his research. “Knowing and governing… Read more »