peer review week

Tips for new peer reviewers

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In our previous Peer Review Week posts we looked at why you should become a peer reviewer and how to become a peer reviewer. Once you’ve received your first invitation to review a manuscript, what process should you follow? What are the habits of effective peer reviewers? The following tips, taken from our comprehensive reviewer… Read more »

How to become a peer reviewer

Peer review week logo : Diversity and inclusion in peer review

In a previous post we looked at the many reasons why you should consider becoming a reviewer. Reviewing can benefit your own research career, as well as providing an essential service to the scholarly community. But once you’ve decided that you’d like to become a reviewer, how can you get involved? Try the following tips… Read more »

Why should you become a reviewer?

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There are many demands on a researcher’s time today and so it is a legitimate question to ask why some of that precious time should be spent reviewing someone else’s work. How does being a reviewer help you in your career? Here are some top ways that you can benefit: Keep up with the latest… Read more »

Your research community needs YOU … to become a peer reviewer

Peer review week logo : Diversity and inclusion in peer review

Despite its flaws, peer review is fundamental to the integrity of scholarly communication. It helps to ensure that published research is accurate, trustworthy, and meets the highest standards.  And every journal depends on the hard work of numerous reviewers who test and refine each article before publication. “Reviewers are the lifeblood of any journal” –… Read more »

Diversity and inclusion in peer review

Peer review week logo : Diversity and inclusion in peer review

Peer Review Week is a global event celebrating the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining research quality. It aims to showcase the important work of editors and reviewers, advance best practice, and highlight new innovations. It is also an opportunity to highlight the resources and support available to authors, reviewers, and those who… Read more »

Catch up with our peer review Twitter discussion

Ever wanted the opportunity to ask a journal editor’s advice on peer review? Wondered how they see the process, as the person overseeing decisions to accept, revise or reject papers? A panel of journal editors joined us from Argentina, Puerto Rico and the UK, taking a rare opportunity to share peer review expertise across regions and disciplines…. Read more »

The Taylor & Francis Editorial Office team

At Taylor & Francis, our Editorial Office (EO) team support journals through the peer review process, setting up and supervising individual journal Editorial Offices and using CrossRef Similarity Check software. But what does that involve, especially when working across some 600+ journals that reach across all disciplines? Lucy Francis, Editorial Office Team Leader, talks us… Read more »

Peer review: behind the scenes

The peer review process is vital to the strength of a journal, ensuring all submissions receive a fair assessment. But what actually goes on in peer review? What role does the editor play in the process? Who is involved? Why does it take time? If these questions sound familiar to you, read on. We’ll take… Read more »

Peer review is fundamental to the scientific process

We’ve been supporting Sense about Science’s work on peer review for some time, sponsoring and going along to their workshops, and generally helping to spread the word about the excellent resources they create for early career researchers on peer review.