3 reasons you should go on a placement during your PhD

I am a third-year PhD student in film studies. This academic year, instead of burying myself under a pile of DVDs and notes in an attempt to nail my original contribution to knowledge and finish my thesis, I decided to do something drastic. With the support of my supervisory team and funders, I chose to… Read more »

‘Life on the other side’: from PhD to publishing placement

The NERC GW4+ Partnership brings together ten of the UK’s leading research institutions in natural and environmental science. Its Doctoral Training Program aims to equip PhD students with the skills to be world leaders in Earth and Environmental Sciences, through placements, training and support activities. As one of the partner organizations, Taylor & Francis recently… Read more »

7 reasons why every PhD student should attend academic conferences

Postdoctoral students from the London Arts and Humanities Partnership, of which Routledge (part of the Taylor & Francis Group) is a cultural partner, are taking over our Insights blog this week. Read about the issues that affect today’s PhD students with three guest posts that cover academic events, using multi-lingual sources for your research, and… Read more »

Digital research practices: the real user experience

‘One of the most challenging things about research is sifting through an enormous amount of information that is out there that might be relevant to my proposed research.’ With so many resources readily available online, how does the researcher source accurate information that is relevant to them? In this changing digital climate, Taylor & Francis… Read more »

“I follow you on Twitter”

In July I had the pleasure of attending the PE Institute in North Carolina. I was invited to give the keynote address because of my work on social media, and because of the sharing community I have become involved in over the last six years on Twitter. When I entered the conference venue I kept… Read more »

Digital research practices: the real user experience

“Finding information is crucial to anyone studying at, or working at a university…” Discovering and navigating digital information is part of every researcher’s work. But what is that user experience and how can it be improved? Taylor & Francis is working with Loughborough University’s Library, Graduate School, and their Senior Lecturer in Publishing to examine users’… Read more »