Starting out the ‘right’ way

I am often asked by students and early career researchers, how can I have a successful research and publications career? And what tips can you give me? These questions are asked as if there is some magic formula to follow which, if got right, will lead to academic success. I reply in all honesty that… Read more »

16 things you might not know about early career researchers

ECR in the library

What do early career researchers (ECRs) really think about peer review, open access, or Impact Factors? What motivates them to undertake research, how do they choose which journal to publish in, and how do they build their reputation amongst the scholarly community? Recent research from CIBER, an interdisciplinary and independent UK-based research group, analyzes interviews… Read more »

‘Life on the other side’: from PhD to publishing placement

The NERC GW4+ Partnership brings together ten of the UK’s leading research institutions in natural and environmental science. Its Doctoral Training Program aims to equip PhD students with the skills to be world leaders in Earth and Environmental Sciences, through placements, training and support activities. As one of the partner organizations, Taylor & Francis recently… Read more »

A new approach to peer review

In August, Taylor & Francis announced a new trial with Peerage of Science, a free service which facilitates a streamlined peer review process for authors. The thirty Taylor & Francis journals included in the trial are now benefiting from the enhanced services Peerage of Science offers. So as an author, should you be considering Peerage of… Read more »

How to choose a journal

Choosing the right journal for your research can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Once you have a shortlist, refine it by asking the right questions.

How do early career researchers ‘publish and thrive’?

The numbers moving from PhDs into a career in academia are shrinking, and the challenges to pursuing a career in research appear to be rising. So how can early career researchers best develop a body of published research, and what can the scholarly community do to better support people as they move into becoming published… Read more »

Submitting an article? Think. Check. Submit.

As a researcher, how do you evaluate whether the journal you’re about to send your work to is the real deal? The answer could lie in “Think. Check. Submit.”, an initiative launched by a coalition of publishers and industry organizations, which provides tools to make the process of choosing the right journal for your work… Read more »

Get published with “calls for papers”

Check if the journal you’re interested in has a call for papers by bookmarking this page, going to the “Submit” tab on Taylor & Francis Online, or by signing up for regular updates in your subject area.