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Can you publish and still perish? A question of impact

Dr John Harrison, Associate Editor of Regional Studies, offers his advice to authors on maximising the impact of their work, and the most useful metrics for measuring it. Personally, I disagree with the widely circulated mantra of “publish or perish”. Today, you can still publish and perish because there is now so much more published… Read more »

Research we’re reading – May 2017

Research we’re reading is a regular series written by Taylor & Francis employees, taking a look at recent research that has caught our attention and got us thinking. Rosalind Davies, Editorial Assistant Doctoral Dissertation Defenses: Performing Ambiguity Between Ceremony and Assessment by Arjen van der Heide, Alix Rufas & Alexandra Supper Published in Science as… Read more »

Research we’re reading – March 2017

Research we’re reading is a regular series written by Taylor & Francis employees, taking a look at recent articles that have caught our attention and got us thinking. This is the first instalment – keep an eye out for more posts coming soon… Cat Cetnik, Content Executive Role models revisited: youth, novelty, and the impact of female… Read more »

Winner’s story: Gerrit Bloothooft and David Onland

We hope this winning study inspires other onomastic researchers to dig into the rich historical textual and onomastic information that is rapidly becoming available digitally The enormous growth in digitized historical information opens new opportunities for onomastic research that goes beyond the possibilities of small samples. Our study on the occurrence of multiple first names… Read more »

OA research stories: Elisa Bonaccorso

In this latest research story, co-author Elisa Bonaccorso tells us how publishing open access (OA) enabled her work to reach the scientific world in “real time”. “Understanding the evolutionary history of a high Andean endemic: the Ecuadorian hillstar (Oreotrochilus chimborazo)” published in Neotropical Biodiversity. Published Open Access in March 2016. Downloads: 1,367* I am an… Read more »

16 things you might not know about early career researchers

ECR in the library

What do early career researchers (ECRs) really think about peer review, open access, or Impact Factors? What motivates them to undertake research, how do they choose which journal to publish in, and how do they build their reputation amongst the scholarly community? Recent research from CIBER, an interdisciplinary and independent UK-based research group, analyzes interviews… Read more »