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Scholars in social media: an interview with George Veletsianos

“Public scholarship re-envisions the roles and purposes of scholarship, and it is closely aligned to the ethos of the open movement wherein knowledge is not only shared broadly but is also co-constructed…” George Veletsianos is the author of the book Social Media in Academia: Networked Scholars, which examines the day-to-day realities of social media and online… Read more »

OA research stories: Rob Kitchin

How can research be highlighted and shared after publication, especially when it is Open Access (OA) and available for anyone to read? In this latest research story, Rob Kitchin tells us about his work on smart cities, and how publishing through a learned society journal helped to extend the reach of his research. “Knowing and governing… Read more »

Is academia fairly portrayed in the press?

“Higher Education has the capacity to shape public opinion and government policy, but it’s not fully reaching that potential at present. The devastating impact of emotional, sensationalist tabloid coverage of research findings are having a damaging effect on higher education. We should be aiming for a more intelligent media, boosting the offering of higher education… Read more »

5 tips for communicating your research

Postdoctoral students from the London Arts and Humanities Partnership, of which Routledge (part of the Taylor & Francis Group) is a cultural partner, are taking over our Insights blog this week. Read about the issues that affect today’s PhD students with three guest posts that cover academic events, using multi-lingual sources for your research, and… Read more »


What is an eprint? It’s a free, online link to an author’s article sent to all authors who publish in a subscription-based Taylor & Francis or Routledge journal as soon as their article is published. Authors are sent the link via email and can access it at any time from Authored Works, as well as… Read more »

OA research stories: Dr. Paul Kelley

Why do researchers choose to publish their research Open Access (OA), or switch their article from being available via subscription to OA post-publication? In this latest research story Dr. Paul Kelley tells us the effect going OA had on his work. “Synchronizing education to adolescent biology: ‘let teens sleep, start school later” published in Learning, Media and… Read more »