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Understanding the publishing process

Workshops and events

“While most graduate programs do mentor researchers on how to conduct research, construct an argument and write an article, very few offer courses on the publishing process itself. Our workshops offer a glimpse into the mechanics of publishing – the elements of a manuscript that editors and publishers feel are important, the review process, ethical issues, why manuscripts are accepted or rejected, and how to make your work more discoverable.

These events provide an opportunity for us to engage directly with authors, to find out what is important to them, what concerns they have, and the similarities and differences between disciplines. 
Victoria Babbit, Publisher (Scandinavia), Taylor & Francis

Submitting a paper to a journal, understanding peer review, and getting your paper accepted can seem a mysterious process. To help demystify publishing a journal article, Taylor & Francis gives presentations to researchers around the world, helping them understand the publishing process, the various steps involved, and offering tips and advice. Some of the topics covered in these workshops include:

  • How to choose the best journal for your paper
  • Open access publishing
  • How to prepare the perfect paper (and what to avoid)
  • What peer review is, and how to navigate the process
  • How to promote your research and understand its impact
Interested in attending one of our workshops, or would like us to run one at your institution? Contact us for updates and further details.

“Great tips on how a scientific paper can be accepted and published in a recognized journal.”

Attendee at ‘How to get published in academic journals’ workshop, Bucharest

“I’ve learned a lot! I understand how to submit a paper and writing a thesis.”
National Cheng Kung University

“Thank you for your presentation at the CREST summer school: it was interesting, practical and highly relevant.
CREST Summer School, London

“It was terrific. I am most grateful for the opportunity.”
Webinar participant

“This was a truly fantastic event! Would recommend to anyone in their final year of DPhil.”
Workshop attendee, University of Oxford