Using a journal’s Aims & Scope and Instructions for Authors to your advantage

What, where, and why

Once you think you’ve found the right journal for your article, make sure it’s for you by reading the Aims & Scope.

What’s the Aims & Scope?

It’s a brief introduction to the journal, including its impact factor, an outline of the type of articles published (and what it doesn’t publish), and its peer-review policy.

Every journal on Taylor & Francis Online has an Aims & Scope paragraph. If your research matches the Aims & Scope, browse the “latest articles” to see what the language or tone of the journal is, and assess how you may need to adapt your style to fit.

Be guided by the Instructions for Authors

As you come closer to choosing your journal, look at the journal’s Instructions for Authors. On Taylor & Francis Online, you can find this on the journal page. This will let you know what you need to do to submit your article, including general guidelines, templates, and style guides. If you follow these you’ll know your article is in exactly the right format for submission, saving you valuable time and effort later on.

Read the journal’s Aims & Scope when deciding where to publish, and the Instructions for Authors once you’ve selected your journal.