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Winner’s story: Chad Doerr

Association for Applied Sport Psychology Student Travel Award

“I want to thank Taylor & Francis Group for the 2014 Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Student Travel Award. This award allowed my colleague and me to present our work at the 2014 Annual AASP Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

I attended many presentations and workshops that significantly enhanced my knowledge.”

Picture of Chad DoerrWe found out about this award when submitting our presentation abstract to the AASP website. We were offered the chance for our work to be reviewed by a committee with the possibility of receiving the student travel award. With the opportunity to receive funding for our professional development, we jumped on the chance and won the award.

The work we presented at the AASP Conference was on our experiences as Master’s-level sport psychology consultants. Our education revolved around developing a non-profit center that was focused on providing performance enhancement education to a large urban area. This complicated process required organization, teamwork, and business skills to provide the best services possible to a large amount of people. As the field of sport psychology encompasses not only acquiring knowledge of applied sport psychology methods, but also how to effectively acquire and maintain clients from a business sense, we felt that our model of graduate education would be an important thing to share with the field.

At the conference, not only was I able to meet and connect with new and passionate individuals in the sport psychology community, but I attended many presentations and workshops that significantly enhanced my knowledge of applied sport psychology. This new information will help me stay updated on the latest issues and skills pertaining to the field. This is important because it allows me to provide the most effective services to the individuals and teams that I currently work with.

At this time, I am receiving my doctoral degree in clinical and school psychology at James Madison University. Under the supervision of Dr. Bob Harmison, we are not only working within the athletic department at JMU, but providing workshops to athletes, coaches, and parents in the Shenandoah Valley area with the Challace J. McMillin Center for Sport Psychology. For more information on our work, please visit:

As for advice for future applicants of this award, I would encourage you to submit new and unique ideas for the field of sport psychology. What are specific aspects of the field that feel underdeveloped, and how can we provide new and useful knowledge to young practitioners?

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