Three key steps in scientific writing

Ryan B Sills talks about the three key steps in scientific writing

From best papers to scholarships, travel grants to society awards, Taylor & Francis offer hundreds of prizes for researchers, collaborating with journals, institutions, and societies to provide support and recognition. So, how do you approach writing an award-winning article? What are the key steps to follow in scientific writing to produce a clear and concise… Read more »

Celebrating outstanding scholarship in China

Most read open access article award winners : celebrating outstanding scholarship in China

Taylor & Francis is pleased to announce the winners of a new set of awards which recognize outstanding scholarship in China and the impact of Chinese research internationally. Chinese institutions have become significant contributors to world scholarly output, particularly in science and technology, and the quality of research by Chinese scientists has also been steadily… Read more »

3 tips for getting your dissertation published

Dr Chrstian Ghanem discusses 3 tips for getting your disertation published

Dr. Christian Ghanem was recently awarded the ESWRA Annual Award for an outstanding publication in European social work research based on a dissertation (read his award-winning article, ‘How do social work novices and experts solve professional problems? A micro-analysis of epistemic activities and the use of evidence’ in European Journal of Social Work).  Getting your… Read more »

Winner’s story: Ida Danewid

Ida Danewild talks about winning the Third World quarterleys 2017 Edward Said prize

The 2017 Edward Said Prize for Third World Quarterly has been awarded to Ida Danewid. Here, she shares her story… I would like to thank the ISA Global Development Studies (GDS) Section and Third World Quarterly for honouring me with the 2017 Edward Said Prize. I applied on a whim and was genuinely very surprised—but… Read more »

Winner’s Story: Carla Luguetti

The 2017 Best Paper Award for Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy has been awarded to Carla Luguetti. Here, she shares her story… My area of expertise is activist approaches for working with youth from socially vulnerable backgrounds in sport contexts. In this paper, we present the process of co-constructing a prototype pedagogical model for working with youth… Read more »

Winner’s story: Kowiyou Yessoufou

The present award is definitely encouraging and is evidence that I am engaged in exciting research. More critically, this award will boost my research as it will provide the badly needed financial support to further my research. It was indeed with a great surprise that I received the news that I had won the 2016… Read more »