Your research paper is accepted for publication…what next?

Boost your research impact

Your paper has been submitted, and the reviewers and editors have informed you that your journal article has been accepted for publication. Your publication journey has ended, right? Not quite. There’s still plenty you can do to make sure your research reaches its full potential.

There are millions of journal articles published every year. For your research to have impact you must find ways to make your accomplishments stand out.

Read on if you want to invest in creating a wider impact.

Discover how to influence your peers and funders with your research

Visibility can help in the initial steps of research. Particularly when actively seeking citations and collaborations from your peers. Sharing your research with a wider audience can make you more noticeable in your field.

Greater awareness can increase the reputation and impact of your research. This is particularly important in attracting potential funders.

To promote interest, communicating your research in easy-to-understand and shareable formats will help it to stand out. 

Promotional solutions for your research visibility:

Capture your research with illustrations and icons and translate your data into engaging visuals that are perfect for sharing.

Communicate the key points of your research in an engaging visual format for a wider audience understanding.

Highlight the important aspects of your published research to broaden your reach outside of the research community.

Transform the newsworthy findings of your research into simple and engaging text that will help media agencies report on your findings.

Generate media attention to increase reach and readership

One of the best ways to generate awareness of compelling research is through media relations. Grabbing the attention of the media will help reach a broader, more diverse audience.

For your specialist research to be easy-to-understand, highlight the real-world impact of your article. Bringing your study to the masses will improve public awareness.

Tips for public engagement:

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