Helen Gubbins talks about setting up an online discussion groupThe benefits of online reading groups

Being a member of an academic reading group gives you the opportunity to work with others to understand complex material, to network, and to learn from different perspectives. But what if there are no groups currently meeting in your area? Doctoral researcher Helen Gubbins shares her experience of setting up a successful reading group online.

Frequently asked questionsThe top 10 questions about getting your journal article published

The Taylor & Francis Author Services team is on hand to answer any questions you may have as you navigate the process of getting your article published in an academic journal. Find out the 10 most common questions they receive each week (and their time-saving answers).

Need help preparing your manuscript for submission?

The new Taylor & Francis Editing Services website offers a range of services to help you prepare and write your manuscript, from editing and translation to formatting and artwork preparation. These tailored services offer you a smooth journey to publication, making the process of preparing and submitting a manuscript even easier. Find out more about the full range of options and pricing.

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Journals regularly ‘call for papers’, asking for submissions within particular fields or focused on specific topics. Answering these is a great way to get published, ensuring your research fits a particular journal’s aims and scope. You can search for current submission requests within your subject area on our regularly updated calls for papers page.

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