Preparing your article for submission

How to write and refine your paper in confidence

You are ready to write up your research and publish your findings. Prepare your article so that it effectively communicates your research and helps readers understand the issues.

Begin your journey with this guide to support you through the article preparation stage. Your manuscript must meet publishing standards and present your most important ideas. Our resources will help perfect your work before you submit.

Key services for you

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Structuring your manuscript effectively 

A useful way to help determine how to structure your article is to study your target journal. Choosing your target journal is the first step in the research and writing process. Look at the aims and scope of the journal to understand what the editorial board are offering their audience.

Also, your target journal’s instructions for authors (IFAs) will help you know the style and structure they expect to see.

A good structure helps editors and readers easily find and understand the information. Every article is unique and the structure and sections you need to include depends on your type of article.

Make sure your manuscript is formatted according to your target journal standards. This can be a time consuming and frustrating process. But a poor manuscript structure or wrong format could delay the publishing process, or even be a reason for rejection.

Taylor & Francis Editing services

We will help make sure your article structure and format complies with the target journal’s specifications. Our editors are experienced in working with formats like APA, MLA, ACS, and AMA. 

How to achieve a high-quality journal article 

There are some basic criteria to determine whether your article is of good quality. Writing an effective article is important but here are more qualities to consider: 

Enhancing your journal article for submission 

For the best chance of acceptance, review your article for correct structure, proper grammar, technical language, and support to claims with evidence. 

Consider a pre-submission review for your article to be the best it can be. 

The benefits include: 

Fresh eyes to identify gaps and errors to improve quality.

In-depth evaluation to strengthen positioning and research arguments.

Constructive feedback on your article to identify major rejection risks.

Why researchers trust us

“The feedback I received when I used Taylor & Francis Editing Services were valuable. I primarily chose the service for language check but got much more.”

Prof Dr Juergen Volkert, Pforzheim University, Germany

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Manuscript formatting

Save time, let us format your manuscript to meet your target journal’s requirements.

English editing

Quality research deserves perfect writing. Improve the quality of your manuscript.

Scientific editing

An in-depth technical review of your journal article.

Similarity report

Check your manuscript for similarities to avoid accidental plagiarism.

Technical review

Rapidly increase your prospects by identifying reason for rejection.

Art preparation

Showcase your research data with figures, tables and charts.