Get familiar with the journal’s instructions for authors

Speed up your submission, make sure you understand the journal’s individual requirements

The instructions for authors (IFAs) are an individual set of requirements for a journal. This helps guide potential authors to construct their article in the correct way, and prepare it for submission.

The IFAs tell you exactly what the journal’s editorial board will expect to see. It also includes details of specific processes to follow to make sure there are no problems during production, should your article be accepted.

Familiarizing yourself with your target journal’s instructions for authors is an important part of writing your paper and preparing it for submission.

Ready to submit?

There are a lot of things you’ll need to have checked, understood, and incorporated into your article.

Search for your target journal by typing into the search bar. You can also use the dropdown to scroll through the list of journals. Select the journal and click the button to read the journal’s IFA.

What information is included in the instructions for authors?

The IFAs include all the essential information you’ll need to know before you submit your article.

  1. Information about the journal; including the types of articles accepted, which language the journal publishes and more.

  2. Article preparation requirements which includes word count, style guides, formatting and if article templates can be used.

  3. Manuscript submission process including which online submission system you need to use.

  4. Specific policies and procedures relating to the journal. This can include clinical trial registry or ethics compliance.

  5. Your publishing options – if you’re considering open access.

By reading the journal’s instructions for authors you’ll know if your article is in the right format for submission, and if it includes everything the editorial board would like to see.

Read the journal’s IFAs and aims and scope when choosing a journal.

This is important while writing your paper to make sure your article is the right fit for your target journal.

How to find the Taylor & Francis instructions for authors

The instructions for authors are found on the journal’s home page on Taylor & Francis Online.

Journal’s home page showing the instructions for authors

Screen shot of journal home page showing instructions for authors

Journal’s instructions for authors page

From word limits to referencing, find out everything there is to know with the instructions for authors

You will find them on your chosen journal’s homepage on Taylor & Francis Online.

Editorial policies

To make sure you correctly follow all the editorial requirements, read through the Taylor & Francis Group editorial policies before submitting your article.

Making your submission

You can find more information and guidance on preparing for, and making your submission here.

Submission checklist

Don’t miss anything important, both in writing and preparing your paper, and when you’re using a submission system.