Eligible countries - article publishing charge waivers and discounts

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Eligible countries

Article publishing charge waivers and discounts

On this page you will find the full list of eligible countries for our article publishing charge (APC) discounts and waivers, for full open access journals.

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Requesting an APC discount or waiver

    Unsure on how to request or apply your discount or waiver?

    Low-income countries eligible for article publishing charge waivers

    Corresponding authors with primary affiliation in countries defined by the World Bank as low-income economies are entitled to 100% APC waiver when they publish in a full open access journal.

    • Afghanistan

    • Burkina Faso

    • Burundi

    • Central African Republic

    • Chad

    • Democratic Republic of the Congo

    • Eritrea

    • Ethiopia

    • The Gambia

    • Guinea

    • Guinea-Bissau

    • Liberia

    • Madagascar

    • Malawi

    • Mali

    • Mozambique

    • Niger

    • Rwanda

    • Sierra Leone

    • Somalia

    • South Sudan

    • Sudan

    • Syrian Arab Republic

    • Togo

    • Uganda

    • Republic of Yemen

    • Zambia

    Lower-middle countries eligible for article publishing charge waivers

    Papers whose corresponding authors are based in countries classified by the World Bank as lower-middle economies, and with 2021 gross domestic product (GDP) of less than 200 billion US dollars, are eligible for a 50% APC discount.

    • Angola

    • Algeria

    • Benin

    • Bhutan

    • Bolivia

    • Cabo Verde

    • Cameroon

    • Comoros

    • Republic of the Congo

    • Côte d’Ivoire

    • Djibouti

    • El Salvador

    • Eswatini

    • Ghana

    • Haiti

    • Honduras

    • Kenya

    • Kiribati

    • Kyrgyz Republic

    • Lao PDR

    • Lebanon

    • Lesotho

    • Mauritania

    • Federated States of Micronesia

    • Mongolia

    • Morocco

    • Myanmar

    • Nepal

    • Nicaragua

    • Papua New Guinea

    • Samoa

    • São Tomé and Principe

    • Senegal

    • Solomon Islands

    • Sri Lanka

    • Tanzania

    • Tajikistan

    • Timor-Leste

    • Tunisia

    • Uzbekistan

    • Vanuatu

    • West Bank and Gaza

    • Zimbabwe