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Explore our 2023 events for researchers

On this page you can browse our upcoming events, and also look back on those events that have already taken place.

    Our upcoming events

    Register your place at all the events that are relevant to you and your research. If you can’t make the live event, register your place anyway. We’ll send you the recording so that you can play it back in your own time.

    9:00 London, GMT | 19:00 Sydney, AEDT | 13:00 Beijing, CST

    In this session you will gain a clear understanding of how we define and handle plagiarism and text-recycling in our journals. You’ll also know how to avoid plagiarism, and the importance of why plagiarism should be avoided.

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    8:00 PDT | 10:00 CDT | 11:00 EDT

    Experts will discuss key considerations that researchers need to address to comply with the NIH policy whilst maximizing the impact of their data.

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    8:00 London, BST | 17:00 Sydney, AEST | 15:00 Beijing, CST

    Uncover how you can make the most of different platforms to communicate your work and make wider impact.

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    12:00 BST | 16:30 IST

    The speakers will guide you through the publication process from a publisher’s perspective to give you an insight on what they are looking for when they publish high-quality clinical research.

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    9:30 London, GMT | 14:00 New Delhi, IST

    This workshop covers all the essentials of how to be an effective peer reviewer for researchers, including how to write an effective report.

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    15:00 London, BST | 17:00 Athens, EEST | 16:00 Cape Town, SAST

    We will introduce you to the common types of ethics issues which can arise in academic publishing, and equip you to recognize and avoid them.

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    Our past events

    These events have already taken place. Have a look around and play back any that are relevant to you and your research. You may need to enter your details to access some of the recordings.

    This session will cover open access models, licensing, how to choose a journal and avoid predatory ones, manuscript preparation, the submission process, and how to navigate peer review.

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    Play back our discussion with panel experts to discuss open research and open access book publishing. From the benefits of open research to publishing hacks, we covered it all in this panel event.

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    We put a spotlight on the current state of academic publishing to equip you with an understanding of the process of getting an article published in the Mathematical Sciences.

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    Take a deep dive into open data and what it means in practice when publishing your research.

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    This session looks at some of the main reasons for articles being rejected and provide tips for avoiding that fate.

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