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Ethics focus: Plagiarism & text-recycling

What the event covered

A researcher’s career is built on their ideas and contributions to the scholarly record. So in academic publishing, you can see why giving proper credit to the original source or creator is so important. When this goes wrong, it can lead to plagiarism and serious negative consequences.

Plagiarism is one of the most common types of publication misconduct and comes in many forms. Yet there is no single global definition for plagiarism and researchers are often confused about where the boundaries lie, in terms of what is an act of plagiarism and what is considered acceptable similarity under publication ethics standards. This is especially true when it comes text-recycling where researchers are reusing their own previous work.

This session covered:

  • How we define plagiarism for Taylor & Francis journals, including what are the most common types

  • Provide clarity on where it is NOT plagiarism and where the grey areas are (for example in text-recycling)

  • How we detect plagiarism and what happens when plagiarism is found

  • Offer practical tips on how to avoid plagiarism and the importance of correct citation practices

How will I benefit from watching this event recording? You will gain a clear understanding of how we define and handle plagiarism and text-recycling in our journals. You’ll also feel more equipped on how to avoid plagiarism and know the importance of why plagiarism should be avoided.

This session was part of the Taylor & Francis Researcher Webinar Series 2023.

About the speaker

Didi Peng is a Research Integrity Manager within the Publishing Ethics & Integrity department. As a team, they are responsible for providing specialist advice and support on ethical, research integrity, and policy matters. All with the overall aim of minimizing risk and ensuring compliance to the highest publication ethics standards across Taylor & Francis journals.

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research ethics

The speaker

Didi Peng

Research Integrity Operations Manager at Taylor & Francis

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