Excellence in peer review: How to be an effective peer reviewer

What the event covered

This workshop covers all the essentials of how to be an effective peer reviewer for researchers in all areas, including:

  • An overview of the different types of peer review

  • The responsibilities of a peer reviewer

  • How to critically assess an article and write an effective report

  • What to do if you have ethical concerns about an article you have been asked to review

In case you couldn’t make the live workshop, we will also be holding this workshop in May and June. Keep an eye out on the upcoming events.

About the speakers

Aruna Narula is currently working as a Reviewer Selection Lead in the Global Peer Review department. She holds a master’s degree in Biochemistry and did research in drug and vaccine design for infectious diseases. Her key responsibilities are handling the reviewer selection process and initial checks on biomedical journals. 

Sukrit Bhattacharyya is the Reviewer Selection Lead in the Global Peer Review department at Taylor & Francis. He is mainly responsible for ensuring smooth and timely reviewer selection process for the manuscripts along with checking the quality and appropriateness of the selected reviewers. He is also involved in checking the submitted manuscripts for editorial requirements and scope checks.

He has earned his honorary Biochemistry graduate degree from Delhi University and pursued his post-graduation in Medical Biotechnology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. In-vitro cell culture studies, hybridoma technology and high precision bio-analytical techniques are his areas of interest, with a special focus on ocular pharmacology.

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peer review

The speakers

Aruna Narula

Reviewer Selection Lead at Taylor & Francis

Sukrit Bhattacharyya

Reviewer Selection Lead at Taylor & Francis

Upcoming events

8:30 London, BST | 13:00 New Delhi, IST | 18:30 Sydney, AEDT

Join this webinar to gain a clear understanding of how we define and handle authorship disputes in our journals, how to avoid problems with authorship in your articles, and how to solve them should you find yourself in a situation of concern.

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