Exploring Open Access Publishing: Strategies for Successful Outcomes

What the event covered

Increasingly researchers are interested in or required to publish their work open access. While the publishing process is essentially the same, Open Access publishing can offer the opportunity for greater impact and a more transparent process.

This session examined the publishing process and how to increase the likelihood of your work being published. We covered open access models, licensing, how to choose a journal and avoid predatory ones, manuscript preparation, the submission process, and how to navigate peer review. Participants should walk away with a good understanding of what they can expect during the publishing process.

About the speakers

Victoria Babbit is the Director of Researcher Development & Outreach at Taylor & Francis. Victoria joined Taylor & Francis in 2008 and throughout the past decade has supported researchers as they navigate the rapidly changing publishing landscape.

Her work involves engaging with global research communities to build knowledge and capacity related to publishing and editorial activities. Prior to joining Taylor & Francis, Victoria conducted post graduate research in Geography at The University of Washington.

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The speakers

Head shot of Victoria Babbit, speaker at Publishing your research open access webinar.

Victoria Babbit

Director of Researcher Development & Outreach at Taylor & Francis

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