From Manuscript to Real Life Impact: Mastering Open Access Book Publishing

What to expect at the event

Play the recording to listen back to Katie and Vilija discussing the Open Access advantage, learn about the editorial process, and unlock strategies for maximizing your research’s global reach.

Whether you’re an experienced author or just starting out, this event recording will empower you to make a real-life impact through Open Access publishing. Also, our featured guest, Dr Andrea Nanetti shared his experience publishing Open Access with us.

This webinar was organized to accommodate authors and researchers in the Asia Pacific region, but it is open to all.

Expand your knowledge and champion your next conversation with us!

About the speakers

Katie Peace is the Senior Publisher for Taylor & Francis book publishing in Asia Pacific. She manages the editorial team in the Singapore, Japan and Australian offices and is responsible for the commissioning of all types of book content in Asia Pacific. With more than 20 years’ experience in the publishing industry globally, she has insights into the academic journals and books publishing processes and specialises in advising and guiding authors to produce the best publishing output. She is happy to share her knowledge with early career researchers and experienced academics looking to publish their first (or next) book in English for an international market.

Vilija Stephens is the Editor at Routledge, commissioning books on Education, Psychology and Mental Health.

Dr Andrea Nanetti, BA, MA, PhD in Historical Sciences, is Tenured Associate Professor in the School of Art, Design and Media, with a Courtesy Appointment in the School of Humanities (History). He is the Founding Director, LIBER (Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Bookish and Experiential Research) at NTU Singapore (2013 – Present Day)

Dr Andrea Nanetti has an impressive international education background, having studied in Italy at the University of Bologna, Paris-Sorbonne in France, the University of Cologne in Germany, the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Greece, and Brown University in the United States. His education has been multidisciplinary since high school, incorporating mathematical, physical, computational sciences, entrepreneurship, and humanities such as history, ancient and modern literature, languages, philosophy, philology, palaeography, archival, and library studies. Despite his formal education in historical sciences, he has built a career that combines heritage studies with computational technologies and digital media in various academic and non-academic settings across Europe, the United States, Australia, The Gulf Region, China, India, and Singapore. This diverse experience has contributed to his interprofessional profile, as evidenced by his broad range of publications and service locations.

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The speakers

Katie Peace

Senior Publisher at Taylor & Francis Group

Vilija Stephens

Editor at Routledge

Dr Andrea Nanetti

Founding Director, LIBER at NTU Singapore

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In this webinar, we will present the core tenets of open research and give relevant examples.

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9:30 BST | 14:00 IST

This webinar will cover all the essentials of how to be an effective peer reviewer for researchers in all areas.

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9:30 BST | 14:00 IST

This webinar will cover all the essentials of how to be an effective peer reviewer for researchers in all areas.

Find out more about the event