Getting your research published in Medicine & Health journals: the do’s and don’ts

What the event covered

This session guides you through the publication process from a publisher’s perspective to give you an insight on what they are looking for when they publish high-quality clinical research.

We highlight important steps in the manuscript preparation stages, guide attendees through the submission process, explain the process of peer review, and discuss how to deal with peer review feedback. The webinar will end with an introduction to the various researcher services available at Taylor & Francis, including an overview of our extensive portfolio of Medicine & Health journals.

This webinar is particularly geared towards those involved in publication planning and medical writing, but the lessons learned can be applied to all with an interest in publishing medical research.

About the speakers

Jonathan Patience is an experienced publications professional, having been an Editor for several medical journals over his 12+ years in publishing. In his current role, Jonathan and his team support industry publication teams, advocating for their publishing needs within Taylor & Francis, assisting with their publishing issues or questions, and helping to develop Taylor & Francis products and services.

Jonathan has a special interest in publishing ethics and integrity, open research trends, improving author publication journeys, and improving communicability of research through digital publication enhancements.

Dr. Mithi Ahmed-Richards is the Executive Editor of Current Medical Research & Opinion (CMRO) at Taylor & Francis. With over 7 years of experience in academic publishing, she currently oversees the publication process of all articles published in CMRO. She also supports researchers and industry publication teams throughout their publication journey to maximize their experience and understanding of publishing processes.

Mithi herself holds a medical degree and is also a patient advocate. As such, she is passionate about producing high-quality research that is accessible, inclusive, and readable for all audiences.

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The speakers

Jonathan Patience

Head of Publications Development at Taylor & Francis

Dr. Mithi Ahmed-Richards

Executive Editor at Taylor & Francis

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12:00 GMT | 14:00 SAST | 17:30 IST

This event will explore the main reasons for articles being rejected and will provide tips for avoiding that fate.

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