How to effectively promote your research through social media

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Social media platforms have revolutionized how academics publicize their research and engage with people beyond their institutions. In this session we will cover how you can make the most of different platforms to communicate your work and make wider impact.

This session continues the Taylor & Francis Researcher Webinar Series 2023.

About the speaker

Bethany Farr is the Global Senior Social Media Manager in the Researcher Services division of Taylor & Francis. I am passionate about finding ways to use social media as a communication channel for scientific research and bringing together communities.

Zoe Bonar works alongside Bethany as a Social Media Specialist in the Researcher Services division of Taylor & Francis. Coming from a scientific background, Zoe is incredibly driven to show the world the latest and greatest research and believes social media is the perfect place to do so!

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8.00 BST | 12.30 IST | 15.00 CST




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The speakers

Bethany Farr

Global Senior Social Media Manager at Taylor & Francis Group

Zoe Bonar

Social Media Spcialist at Taylor & Francis

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