Open data, open doors: tried-and-trusted methods for data sharing

What the event covered

The speakers discussed how concepts of openness relate to STEM research data.

  • The benefits of sharing your data openly

  • Practical guidance on STEM data sharing

  • Real-life examples of open data in practice 

  • Available supporting resources

This webinar is perfect for STEM researchers, but useful for all researchers across all subject areas to learn more about open data practices.

About the speakers

Guillaume Wright is a Publisher at F1000 specializing in physical and natural sciences. He leads a team of publishers who develop their Platforms and other partner accounts with the aim to increase the take-up of open research publishing in various subject communities.

Jack Brook is an Associate Publisher at F1000, with over six years of experience working in academic publishing. He is an open science advocate, supporting efforts at F1000 to change the way science is communicated.

Tom Sinden is a Publishing Executive at F1000 and has worked in academic publishing for over four years. He is a strong supporter of open research publishing across all disciplines and manages a number of subject portfolios on F1000Research.

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The speakers

Guillaume Wright

Publisher at F1000

Jack Brook

Associate Publisher at F1000

Tom Sinden

Publishing Executive at F1000

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