Peer review in an evolving publishing landscape

What the event covered

Peer review is an integral part of scholarly communication assessing the validity, significance, and originality of research. With movements like open research and artificial intelligence (AI) gaining momentum, and an increasing emphasis on research integrity, what does the future hold for peer review and academic publishing?

In this webinar, Eleanor-Rose Papas (Senior Editorial Operations & Peer Review Manager, F1000) and Rebecca Furlong (Head of Reviewer Programmes, Taylor & Francis Group) discussed how peer review is developing within an equally evolving publishing landscape.

Play back the recording to uncover:

  • What the future research ecosystem looks like

  • Trends in peer review

  • The benefits of open, transparent peer review

  • Real-life examples of peer review reports

  • How peer review works at F1000 and Taylor & Francis

About the speakers

Eleanor-Rose Papas is the Senior Editorial Operations & Peer Review Manager for F1000Research and associated publishing platforms, including Wellcome Open Research, Gates Open Research, and Open Research Europe. These platforms champion open and transparent publication with Open Access articles, Open Data policies and all peer review reports published alongside the articles. Having worked in open peer review for ten years, Elle focuses on how to improve the peer review experience for both authors and reviewers without compromising on peer review ethics and quality. She is a keen advocate for open research and innovative peer review, and is especially passionate about both incentivizing and diversifying the peer review and publishing processes, and ensuring that they are fair for all researchers.

Dr Rebecca Furlong is Head of Reviewer Programmes at Taylor & Francis. In this role she works on projects to support editors in finding suitable peer reviewers and making sure best practice in peer review. She has more than 10 years of experience in working with peer reviewers as a professional scientific editor. Before starting her publishing career, Rebecca gained a PhD in Zoology from the University of Reading and was a Research Fellow at UCL and Oxford.

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The speakers

Eleanor-Rose Papas

Senior Editorial Operations & Peer Review Manager, F1000

Rebecca Furlong

Head of Reviewer Programmes, Taylor & Francis Group

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